Vol 43, No 2, Fall 2016

Table of Contents


From the Guest Editors: About this Special Issue Honoring Louis C. Gapenski PDF
Dean G. Smith, Ph.D., Peggy Honore, DHA, MHA
Remembering Louis C. Gapenski PDF
Kristin L. Reitner, PhD, George H. Pink, PhD
A Stairway to Health Finance Built with Books by Louis Gapenski PDF
Thomas E. Getzen, PhD
Organizational and Environmental Factors Associated with Hospital Financial Performance: A Systematic Review PDF
Nurettin Oner MS, et al
Revisiting ‘The Determinants of Hospital Profitability’ in Florida PDF
Adrienne Nevola, MPH, et al
Sustaining High and Low Profitability in Washington Hospitals PDF
Soumya Upadhyay, MHA, Dean G. Smith, PhD
The Relationship Between Uncompensated Care and Hospital Financial Position: Implications of the ACA Medicaid Expansion for Hospital Operating Margins PDF
Sayeh Nikpay, PhD MPH, et al
Moving the Needle: Evaluating the Impact of New Care Delivery Models on Hospital Profitability PDF
Brad Beauvais, PhD MBA, et al
The Impact of Privatization on Efficiency and Productivity: The Case of US Public Hospitals PDF
Zo Ramamonjiarivelo, PhD MBA, et al
Cash Reserves and System Membership: Does System Membership Improve Not-For-Profit Hospitals’ Access to Internal Capital by Reducing Optimal Cash Balances? PDF
Nathan Carroll, PhD, et al
Hospital Liquidity and Cash Conversion Cycle: A Study of Washington Hospitals PDF
Soumya Upadhyay, MHA, Dean G. Smith, PhD
Fair Value Accounting for Health Care Entities: Impact on Hospital Performance Reporting PDF
Nancy M. Kane, DBA
The Growing Importance of Cost Accounting for Hospitals PDF
Nathan Carroll, PhD, Justin C. Lord
Wage Dispersion and Financial Performance of Nonprofit Hospitals PDF
G. Nathan Dong, PhD
An Examination of Public Health Financial Management System Accreditation PDF
Peggy Honore, DHA MHA, et al
Assessing the Public Health Activity Estimate from the National Health Expenditure Accounts: Why Public Health Expenditure Definitions Matter PDF
Jonathon P. Leider PhD, et al
Healthcare Finance Cases as a Pedagogy for Advancing a Competency Based Education PDF
Thomas E. McKee, PhD, CPA